Leigh Hawkins, MS, Exercise Physiologist

As an exercise physiologist and personal trainer, I’ve spent 26+ years helping people of all ages and fitness levels enjoy healthier, more active lives. I opened my practice in 1994 to offer clients a custom exercise experience in a private and relaxed studio setting.

"Passion for my profession, along with my extensive knowledge of the human body, inspire me to develop an individualized, holistic health experience for each of my clients."

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In the search for a personal trainer, the focus is often solely on the physical health. Since becoming an integrative wellness coach, I am now more aware of how interconnected our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual systems are. This shift in my perspective has inspired me to think about ways I can help others create more balance in their lives. It starts with pinpointing the source of discomfort.

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What’s holding you back from making healthier choices?

How can we work together to move in a new direction?

What information do you need to help you shift your mindset?

Are you ready?

When we’re willing to invest the time and energy it takes to make a change, there are many ways we can choose to take better care of ourselves. In this section, you’ll find exercises for the mind, as well as the body. I’ve also shared insights and wisdom gathered along the way on my own wellness journey. These resources, along with a customized wellness plan we can work on together, will put you on the path of achieving optimal health – on every front.

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