Muscle Activation Technique™

What is Muscle Activation Technique™?

As we age, various stresses are placed on the body, and our muscles may not contract as well as they used to. This causes the “aches and pains” we typically attribute to aging. There are many modalities that address the degenerative changes that occur with aging; however, until recently, no one has specifically dealt with the negative changes that occur relative to our neuromuscular function. This is where MAT™ comes in.

MAT™ recognizes that every injury or repetitive motion that is done incorrectly, affects our neuromuscular function. Over time, the communication between the nervous system and the muscular system becomes negatively altered. If this altered communication is not addressed, we may experience progressive weakness of the muscular system as a whole.This leaves us vulnerable to injury and/or degenerative issues, and it increases our susceptibility to pain.

The end result is that our muscles will not be able to handle the physical stresses that come with everyday activity, exercise, and physical performance. Damaged or mistreated muscles hold a grudge, and we need to win them back.


My experience with the MAT™ method means I can quickly determine which muscle groups need the most attention. I will identify and address these altered communication pathways, with the primary goal being to restore muscle contractile capabilities. Through training, repetition, and memory, the muscles develop a threshold for the amount of physical stress they can handle.

Highly conditioned individuals = high threshold

Sedentary individuals = low threshold

Regardless of the threshold level, when this threshold has been exceeded, either due to a onetime physical trauma or repetitive micro-trauma, the nervous system compensates. This decreases the contractile ability of the stressed muscles, while creating a protective hyper-contraction of the opposing muscles. It’s like having friends over to help you move. There are always a few in every group that sit back and let the others do all the heavy lifting.

I will work with you on specially designed MAT exercises, so we can help get those uncooperative muscles back to work. I will also give you exercises you can easily do at home.

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"Leigh has changed my wife’s and my life for the better. Thanks to his use of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), combined with the isometric exercises, I have a clear path towards creating a better balance in my life — starting with my body. Leigh works with you to discover how your body is aligned, then customizes a plan to promote muscle strength. He’s helped me live a healthier, more balanced and productive life – both inside and outside the office. Thank you Leigh!"
- Sylvius von Saucken