Client Testimonials

“Working with Leigh has been a rich and rewarding experience. He is incredibly knowledgeable and offers many great insights and resources. Leigh is also an excellent communicator; very skilled at balancing listening versus talking. He also has a great sense of humor and very comfortable style and is fun to share and spend time with! I really value the role he’s played in my life’s journey.”  

Leslie Dunham

“We turned to Leigh Hawkins for help with our son Cole after he had been in terrible car accident. Leigh has provided excellent therapy and encouragement. Cole has made tremendous progress in his physical recovery during his sessions with Leigh. Our family feels very fortunate that we found him.”  

Alan and Debbie Smith

“Leigh has changed my wife’s and my life for the better. Thanks to his use of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), combined with the isometric exercises, I have a clear path towards creating a better balance in my life — starting with my body. Leigh works with you to discover how your body is aligned, then customizes a plan to promote muscle strength. He’s helped me live a healthier, more balanced and productive life – both inside and outside the office. Thank you Leigh!”

Sylvius von Saucken

“Leigh has helped me develop a simple, effective program that focuses on muscle intensity, rather than strength training alone. I leave his gym with a better understanding of what I have done with regard to my workout. … Leigh has made my workouts easier and more enjoyable, and [I’ve seen] great results in a short span of time.”

Tom Bahl

“Leigh has improved my strength and flexibility more than any other fitness training or physical therapy I have had in the past. His attention to detail and knowledge of the body sets him apart from other exercise professionals. … Leigh continually assesses progress and adapts the client’s exercise program as needed.”

Dottie Barnhardt

“Leigh is an exceptional trainer who offers effective, client-centered exercises. … He is at once positive, attentive, generous in his praise, but insistent on doing the exercises the right way. As a physician, I appreciate Leigh’s knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, as well as his recommendations regarding proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. He also plays a mean game of racquetball!”

Michael J. Kelly, MD

“Training with Leigh Hawkins has been the best decision I’ve ever made! Prior to working with Leigh, I’d end up hurting myself with the programs that other trainers put me on. Leigh’s expertise in exercise physiology and the anatomy, puts him far above anyone else. He does an evaluation to find out your areas of weakness and then tailors a program based on your specific needs. Plus, he is caring, considerate, attentive and makes every workout interesting and fun!”

Lisa Stimmer

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